So Confused (and Unskillful)

My mind and feelings are all over the place. That said, I just took an important step in getting things back on track. After going to three meetings (NA, AS and HA), I went to J’s place and spilled my guts to him and his girlfriend, S, who is also in Refuge Recovery and aware of some of the struggles I’ve been dealing with.

It was good to get everything off my chest to some of my closest friends who I trust and who can actually help me. I still don’t know if it’ll keep me clean (though, it has definitely increased the odds of that happening).

I know I’ve hinted at some bad shit that I’ve had going on on this blog. I’m certainly not going to explicitly state those things now, but I will say that I brought all those things up with them and they were able to help me put things in perspective, without shaming me or anything. Overall, it was a very productive night and a solid move in the direction of continued sobriety.

Here’s a little tune that I’ve been fixated on for the last several days that I’ve been going through this: Migraine.

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