Orlando Recovery Center: B Block

ORC B-Block was the eating disorder unit at the rehab I went to last summer. It was a small, segregated wing (about 8 people), set off from the main rehab population of, probably, 50-60 people.

We had a very good group of people there.

Not surprisingly, I was the only man on the unit up until about the last week or two I was there. No big deal. I’ve been in ED treatment centers before and am used to the gender imbalance. Hell, these days, I tend to have better friendships and enjoy spending time with women more than men anyway.

Several of us still keep in touch. E and I, in particular, have stayed in very close contact, from the time we left, to her coming to Portland for treatment, to our relapse together and continuing today, with me still in Portland and she back in NC.

Anyway, I just got a call from one of those women that I talk to, probably, 2 or 3 times each month. She’s basically been relapsing since she got out (alcohol). It’s hard. I’m obviously struggling a bit. I think that, of the folks I met at ORC, I think only one of us hasn’t relapsed since then… and the numbers aren’t all that much better for the number that are currently relapsing. Oh, and one of us died because of her addiction.

It just makes me think and wonder… are all of really so messed up that we can’t stay clean and/or eat normally? I am curious how the non-ED folks at ORC are doing. I know having an eating disorder co-morbid with a substance abuse disorder complicates recovery, considerably but what are the actual numbers? Us B-Blockers seem to be sitting at, maybe, a 10% success rate (if we’re lucky). How’s the rest of ORC doing? It’s a pretty academic question… does it really matter and would I ever be able to know anyway?

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