Quick Update

So, I had an EDA friend help me do up a meal plan on Sunday. I’ve been eating (mostly) to that since the beginning of the week (only purged once). I also have an appointment with a Buddhist nutritionist/dietitian on the 6th.

Today, my head was spinning so badly that I was planning on stealing percocets from my director when I was going to be at her house, rehearsing. At the last minute, I posted in the Heroin Addiction Support Group on FB, contacted my mentor, talked with my housemate and bowed out of the rehearsal.

Holy fuck. I’m actually doing a couple things right at the moment. Mind you, all of this has left me feeling shitty and exhausted and wondering how much longer I can keep this up but, for now, I’ve got this (kind of… I still really want to get high right now).

One major challenge coming up: my housemate is going to visit her bf in Montana the weekend of the 18th. I’m staying home with the dogs. My goal for that weekend is to not use. It sounds really fucking simple but I will have you know that that is very far from the truth.

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