Spiritual Experience

A ‘spiritual experience’ is often mentioned in recovery programs, particularly those of the 12-step ilk. In my entire life, I have never had what I would call a ‘spiritual experience’ until this last Saturday night.

I wasn’t at an AA meeting or Refuge Recovery or any typical place. I was at the Movement Center and taking part in the ‘eyes open’ meditation, being run by Swami¬†Chetanananda. The way things work there is that one isn’t supposed to discuss in detail whatever one might experience. Let’s just say, the whole thing was very weird and I have no explanation for it, other than that the spiritual work performed there is real.

I’ve always been a skeptic. I have an MS in physics and have long hewed pretty close to ideas that can be empirically proven. I really am at a loss to explain what I experienced Saturday night, but I’m sold. That same ‘class’ is offered three nights each week and I intend to be at every one I can attend. Swami Chetananda is present at relatively few but I went again last night, with someone else presiding, and, while not as pronounced, I had another similar experience.

I’m really looking forward to what this potentially might do for me in terms of enabling me to handle, and hopefully eliminate, the host of self-destructive tendencies I have.

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