Last night was pretty bad. I’m in better shape today, thankfully. This morning, I came across this article in the NY Times. It’s about a variety ways that recovery from addiction, specifically opioid addiction, can look. The following paragraph jumped out at me:

Moreover, many of those who recover do it through professional treatment with medications like methadone or buprenorphine, not through abstinence. Studies, including one of all patients in Britain treated for opioid addiction between 2005 and 2009, show that these two medications are the only treatments that reduce mortality by half or more when used long-term — and they cut relapse rates more than an abstinence approach.

I was on buprenorphine when I first got clean in 2015, in the form of a medicine called Zubsolv. I stayed clean for 16 months with the help of Zubsolv (18 months, if you actually count when I went back to opiates).

Last night left me pretty freaked out and I came to the realization that it would probably be beneficial to start taking this again. I spoke to A and J about it. Coming from an alcoholic background, they were pretty unfamiliar with the drug. I explained what it was, what it does, and why I want to get back on it. I had a brief exchange with the doctor that used to prescribe it for me back in NYC and have pretty much come to the decision to get back on it.

It will be cheaper, more effective and much safer than the route I’m currently on. So, I’ve begun to figure out how to find a doctor who can prescribe for me. My goal is to be taking it again within two weeks. Wish me luck…

2 thoughts on “Buprenorphine

  1. Wow. I was stressing about figuring out where to get my prescription. I completely forgot, until she reminded me, that my closest friend from EDA works in a medical facility where one of their primary functions is handling Suboxone prescriptions. I called it up yesterday and left a message about my intent. It’s about two blocks from my therapy appointment on Thursday. If I can get in to see someone then, that would be great.


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