The Moth

Tomorrow night, I have a ticket to a Moth StorySLAM. I’ve listened to the Moth for years on NPR and only recently discovered that it happens pretty regularly in Portland. This will be the second one I’m going to. The theme is Scandal and it seems I have a wealth of experience to draw on.

I’ve been putting together a loose outline for a story I’d like to tell. I think I’d like to talk about my actions leading up to my relapse and overdose at the end of February (without really discussing the actual relapse). I’ve got to the salient points but I only have 5 minutes and I’m still running a bit long. So, tomorrow, I’ll probably take a couple hours off work (I was working all weekend) and tighten it up a bit.

It’s a little scary but I think I’d really like to do it. The way it works is that, if you want to tell a story, you put your name in a hat. If your name is selected, you speak. There are slots for up to 10 people (the last one I went to only had 7). So, it depends on how many people throw in but I think you usually have a decent chance of being picked. I would be well chuffed if I get the nerve to do it (I think I will) and the actually get selected.

On a kind of related note, I’m also doing a video interview about stigma, particularly in the context of heroin addiction but I may discuss some borderline issues too. I’m meeting with the producer next Wednesday for coffee to talk things out and to set a time for the actual interview. The plan is to capture 45-60 minutes of material and then edit it down to about 7 minutes.

Who knows? It wouldn’t do much for my anonymity, but if I do the Moth and it gets recorded and/or the stigma interview goes well, I may post links to one or both of them. The next step is putting together a solid piece for the Moth and I’ll go from there…

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