I’ve only ever had orthostatic blood pressure taken as part of ED treatment, though I assume it’s used in other cases as well. For those unfamiliar, you lie down for 5 minutes, have your blood pressure taken. Stand up and wait a minute, then take it again. Remain standing for 3 more minutes then take it one more time. If you’re healthy, the numbers should be about the same. If they’re bouncing all over the place, your body is not happy with whatever you’ve been doing to it and you are ‘orthostatic’.

I had this done today. While it was going on I was thinking, “I’ve been sicker than this but never orthostatic.” And, lo and behold, I’m orthostatic.

So, what makes the most sense is that I’ve probably had this condition any number of times and just never knew it. Oh, well. Always a bit alarming when a mental health issue starts causing physical problems but I guess that’s pretty common with eating disorders. Our bodies can’t go through binge/purge/starve cycles without physical repercussions.

My dietitian has me now drinking at least 3 Ensures and 2 liters of water a day until they test me again next week.

On the plus side, my dietitian also helped me put together a meal plan to help me figure out what to eat the next several days, so that’s good. Now, I’m going to take a 15 minute nap and start the swing shift that I’ve had to put myself on to get my work done. I’m exhausted.

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