Radical Acceptance

I’m tired. Starting back on Suboxone has left me worn out this week… and has caused me to start doubting my decision. I keep returning to the radical acceptance that I’ve done surrounding my decision.

I know that I’ve had the most stable period of my adult life when I was on Suboxone three years ago. I also know that I have a terrible time not self-medicating when I’m not on it. And I made the decision, accepting that I’d be taking it on indefinitely.

I guess it goes back to my original statement about being tired. My thought processes always are a bit off when I’m not rested. I think I need to just retire early and get a good night’s sleep. It’s quite likely things will look much better in the morning. I just need to be gentle with myself in the meantime and not make any important decisions.

Good night, all.

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