I Continue to Amaze Myself (and not in a Good Way)

Well, I’ve evidently been crazy since Sunday. The whole thing with this woman just completely got out of control and left me extraordinarily dysregulated. Now I get to switch to damage control and try to salvage a relationship, yet again. I had intended on discussing black and white thinking for my YouTube Channel this week. I think I still want to. I think I can basically go into detail about what just happened.

I’ll cover the black and white thinking, favorite person, splitting, the whole nine yards. Then, maybe, I’ll send a link to this woman (maybe). She knew I was crazy prior to this but I think I probably just shocked her with exactly how much my BPD can negatively impact my relationships. Maybe my video will help her make some sense of the last several days.

I’ve got therapy in 45 minutes. This will be an interesting session. There will be a follow up to all of this.

[The really fun part of all of this is that I might actually be crazy now and maybe I was sane the last several days. I see that as a possibility yet am unable to determine which mindset is the ‘crazy’ one. This sucks.]

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