Status Update

[I’ve been journaling with pen and paper much more recently and the blog has dropped off a bit. I feel like I should do a quick update.] So, my wife did not move in with me. She went back and decided that most of the kerfuffle at the ashram was a result of her PTSD […]

Life Insurance

I am ‘high risk’ when it comes to life insurance. I know it will cost me, if I can get it at all. I also know my odds aren’t great. I figure, at best, I have a 95% chance of living the next 12 months. That sounds like a relatively high number but the actual […]

Back Together with the Wife

Monday night, I got a call from my wife saying there was a problem at the ashram and she no longer felt secure there. Less than two days later, she was (and still is) in my house. She’s most likely going to make the move permanent but it was sudden and unexpected and has thrown […]

Still Feeling a Bit Nuts…

… but at least I have people that I’m talking about it with. Besides the medical professionals that are helping me with my situation, I’ve also started leaning on a friend, M, here in town who is also an eating disordered, recovering heroin addict. She was instrumental in convincing me that the dangers of going […]

Impulse Tattoo

I self-harmed today. Not in the way I normally do though. No. Today, while at the Rose City Comic Con, I passed a tattoo booth and decided spontaneously to get a tattoo. It was of the Silence from Doctor Who. I was going to post a photo but the only photo is on my phone. […]

Another Suboxone Update

Going into my appointment tomorrow, I have three separate medical professionals that are fully aware of my situation. I also have two good friends, one here in Portland and one in Virginia, that I have told as well. I’ve chosen to confide in them because they are both eating disordered heroin addicts like myself. The […]

Suboxone (Buprenorphine) Update

Thank you, L, for reminding me that your employer is exactly the organization that I needed to contact to get back on Suboxone. I now have an appointment to start the process of getting back on this potentially life-saving medication Thursday morning (right before my therapy appointment). They’re even going to try to get me […]