Stigma and Anonymity

I mentioned yesterday that the woman in charge of the ‘Beirut in Portland’ project had completed editing my interview about the stigma associated with my mental health issues. I had a lengthy discussion with my therapist about what to do now and have e-mailed the woman to discuss where to go from here. In the […]

The Moth

Tomorrow night, I have a ticket to a Moth StorySLAM. I’ve listened to the Moth for years on NPR and only recently discovered that it happens pretty regularly in Portland. This will be the second one I’m going to. The theme is Scandal and it seems I have a wealth of experience to draw on. […]

Go, Go, Go

I’m tired so this will be brief. It seems that, if I am constantly in motion (preferably helping others), that I generally feel decent and don’t want to use. Conversely, whenever I slow down, I am racked with negative self-talk and get to the point that I don’t see myself avoiding a relapse. On that […]

Journaling More Lately

I’ve been putting pen to paper much more recently (and writing less here as a result). Part of that has to do with privacy. Very few people I know IRL have any idea this blog exists. Of those, I suspect, though I certainly don’t know, that those folks infrequently, or never, read what I write […]


Fucked up Irrational Neurotic Emotional For those of you not as familiar with modern psychological treatment, this acronym is commonly understood amongst the patients and, I assume, the professionals too. Whenever one of us says that “we’re fine”, we are lying. I just read, and identified, with this ( on Pinterest. This in turn made […]


I am not in good shape. I mean, I think I’m doing ok and then something happens, or I do something, or I get a crazy phone call that just pushes me further toward relapse. Before I go any further, allow my to clarify that I have not relapsed. I’m not going to go into […]

Rent – No Day But Today

I just dialed up the taping of one of the last showings of the musical Rent from 2008. It was made into a film a few years before that. This stage version is much better. The entire show is on YouTube. Look it up. You won’t be disappointed. I’ve seen it on Broadway four times, […]