Recovery Work

In addition to working my own 12 step program, the main piece of service work I do, which motivates me to stay sober, is launching and running the Eating Disorders Anonymous meeting a the Alano Club in Portland.  It’s the first ever EDA meeting in all of Oregon and is starting to pick up steam.  […]

Game On (Warning: ED trigger)

My urge to use drugs has lessened even further.  However, as if like throwing a switch, my eating disorder is back on (I wound up purging twice yesterday).  For the time being, I’m going to grab it an run with it (game on!), with the hope that it’ll ultimately allow my brain some peace without […]

Power Grid

We (S, H, F, Z and myself) just finished a rocking game of Power Grid. For the second time in three games, the game went to remaining money to decide. It was a very good distraction. Everyone had a great time and it got the thoughts of using out of my head. Right after the […]


I’m a big fan of games. I used to be very into PC games (Civilization, in particular). In the last few years, I’ve been very into board games. Not Monopoly or Risk, mind you, but the more advanced variety. My current GoC (game of choice) is Power Grid. I’m planning on picking up Photosynthesis next […]