I really do have a pretty comfortable life, from a materialistic point of view, and I thought I’d take a moment to recognize it. I make a good living. I live in a very nice house with fantastic roommates. I have a lot of support, both in my community and from my mental health team, […]


I just had an interesting walk home from the AT&T store. The trip itself was a bust but I had just enough cannabis in me to allow for the sort of enhanced lateral thinking that I get, and quite enjoy, when I’m just barely stoned. I have made it a habit of writing down ideas […]

Off the Rails Yesterday

So, I was extremely dysregulated yesterday from about 10am to about 10pm. (At least borderline ‘moods’ rarely last more than a day for me). I was triggered by this article about childhood abuse on the website The Mighty. Omg, was I triggered. I turned into a weeping mess for those 12 hours. I am very […]

I Walked Away.

I was at the bus stop. Across the street were a man and a woman. I recognized them from my bus ride into NW to go to the Alano Club. I noticed them because their appearance strongly indicated they were addicts. So, that thought was already in my head. Now, across the street, they each […]

I Think I’m Starting to Hate Myself Less

(TW – I’m stoned) I was just going to allow myself to do a ‘deep dive’ into my psyche after consuming cannabis. Specifically, I wanted to think about why I have so much self-loathing. As I started in I wondered how it came to pass that I hated myself so much. And I realized I […]