Starving in Suburbia – A Mixed Blessing

My choice of entertainment tonight cut both ways. Initially, it made me realize that I absolutely had to eat, which I did. A lot. And puked. A lot. Because, as much as I hide it from everyone around me here in Portland, I am very active in my eating disorder right now and, it seems, […]


From time to time, there will be inconsistencies in what I write. I chalk this up to being, at this time, quite insane. For instance, despite The Plan and it’s associated rules, I still haven’t managed to cut all ties with my health care providers yet. I’m working on it, but the healthy part of […]


Ha! I just got a reminder that I have a physical scheduled for Tuesday. Should be a laugh. Actually, I am interested to find out how much damage I’ve done to my body this year. Plus, I’ll be able to get a good baseline of where I’m starting, with respect to The Plan