Impulse Tattoo

I self-harmed today. Not in the way I normally do though. No. Today, while at the Rose City Comic Con, I passed a tattoo booth and decided spontaneously to get a tattoo. It was of the Silence from Doctor Who. I was going to post a photo but the only photo is on my phone. […]

Interview Preamble

I’ve arrived for my interview about 20 minutes early. I’m paranoid about being late to anything and even more so for something like this. I’ve been researching the company and I think I would enjoy working here. The technology is very interesting, though I’m curious where I would slot in with my skill set. It’s […]

Turned it Around

I wound up sharing all the crazy shit in my head with J. It was the right move. I’ve also gotten, somewhat, back to a place of peace that last week’s text from N took me out of. My favorite quote from J, regarding my desire to cook meth, was “You are not Walter White.” […]