Slowly Recovering

It’s been almost exactly two weeks since I became dysregulated. In addition to the whole ‘love’ thing I dealt with, I realized that I also had had a very triggering conversation with my father two weeks ago that I think contributed to this episode more than I originally thought. I’m still a bit off. When […]

Splitting Video

As promised, my video about splitting: Splitting It seems like today will be interesting. I can tell that I’m a little off today but I’m not sure how it might come out. So, I’ll be conservative in what I share with others, just in case.

Thank You For Following This Blog

I started this blog almost 4 years ago and, arguably, captured myself at my sickest during that time. I used this blog to blow of steam and talk about things that I could talk about with no one else. I did this anonymously, for fear of retribution IRL. In August of last year, I started […]

YouTube Plug

I started doing videos a few weeks before my last relapse. I just went back and added a couple for the first time since then (including a brief telling of the actual relapse… TW). If interested, you can find it here.

YouTube Channel Launched!

I just launched a video blog, YouTube channel as an adjunct to this blog.  I just put up a brief introductory video.  I’m going to try to do two videos a week, probably on the weekend and sometime mid-week.  So, check it out, subscribe and provide feedback.  I’m obviously a novice at this right now […]