Trainspotting (Book) Quote

Success and failure simply mean the satisfaction and frustration ay desire. Desire can either be predominantly intrinsic, based oan oor individual drives, or extrinsic, primarily stimulated by advertising, or societal role models as presented through the media and popular culture. Tom feels that ma concept ay success and failure only operates on an individual rather […]

Trainspotting (The Book)

For those of you unaware, Trainspotting was originally a novel, by Irvine Welsh, before it was made into a film. I’ve been slowly working my way through it for the last several months, partly because parts of it are a bit triggering (not surprisingly) and partly because it’s written in ‘Scottish’ and takes a little […]

Choose Life

I told my therapist about this blog last week.  We had our individual session today.  He asked a lot of pointed questions regarding my thoughts on relapse as a result of what he had read.  I’m not too surprised.  It was a good thing.  It shed light on a lot of things that I’ve needed […]

North Carolina (Choose Life)

In my last post, I called out a move to North Carolina as one of three high level resolutions to the addiction-inspired angst I’ve been struggling with the last couple of weeks. I also mentioned that it has been receiving more planning than the other two options because of the complications associated with getting my […]